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ban michigan smoking
... The cause is right. Michigan needs a smoking ban. Despite the protests about smoker's rights, there are ... Kaiser Foundation ranked Michigan's smoking rate as 11th among the 50 states ...
ban michigan smoking
...the ninth state in the country to ban smoking in restaurants. But Indiana and take them back to Michigan, it's doubtful that.....should go along with a call to ban smoking in ...
ban michigan smoking
Next Story. Monday, June 9, 2003. Michigan thwarts smoking ban. Taylor legislator can't muster support for bill to bar lighting up in restaurants...
ban michigan smoking
...questioned said they expected to ban smoking throughout their.....access news report. Wayne County, Michigan smoking veto stands.....did not have the legal right to ban smoking in work ...
ban michigan smoking
...he is not in favor of a Michigan smoking ban. "I'm not opening this.....a rarity. A legislated smoking-ban in bars in Michigan -- similar.....currently lobbying for a smoking ban in ...

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